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6 Tips to Help you Save on Gas

With the holidays just around the corner and the continually rising gas prices it may seem impossible to save, but by following these 6 simple tips you'll manage to cutback on spending and burn less fuel.

1. Tire care

Under inflated tires force your engine to work harder resulting in more fuel being burned. Keep an eye on your TPMS light and add air to your tires when needed (most gas stations have a pump if you don't have your own).

2. Get rid of extra weight

Unnecessary cargo burns extra gas, remove excess weight from your vehicle.

3. Plan out errands

If you have multiple places to go it's best to plan your route out, that way you don't have to make more than one trip, saving you gas and time.

4. Drive at a steady pace

Braking suddenly and excessively wears out your brake pads as well as burns through gas more quickly. As does speeding, stay driving at a consistent pace speeding up and slowing down gradually.

5. Avoid idling

Even though you are not driving, your car still needs to burn gas to keep the engine running. Idling for 10 seconds wastes more gas than re-starting your engine does so it's best to turn off your engine while waiting on others.

6. Use the correct motor oil

Check in your owners manual to make sure your car is getting the correct motor oil, the incorrect motor oil can cause your engine to work harder, burning more fuel along the way.

Drive Safe this winter season!

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