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Welcome to OIARG

The Ontario Independent Automotive Repair Group was established in 2017 with a focus on educating drivers.

By providing information on ethical practices, car repair, and trusted shops nearby OIARG hopes to inform drivers on maintenance and operation of their vehicle.



We promote the use of quality car parts among our members and seek to inform drivers on the different suppliers our members use.


We aim to provide our members and their customers with valuable resources and benefits, and encourage both to give feedback on how we are doing.

Fair Value

We strive to promote ethical and honest behaviour among the automotive industry by informing our members and drivers about ethical practices.


We seek to educate car owners on fair value for auto repair and encourage our members to provide fair value. We provide member resources as well as driver resources to encourage this

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The Ontario Independent Automotive Repair Group is made up of over 40 local repair shops, coming together to provide drivers with a variety of vehicle resources. OIARG strives to ensure drivers get the information they need from a group they can trust.




OIARG is group consisting of Ontario based Independent Automotive Repair shops.  Our members are focused on providing your car with the best quality repairs . To find a shop near you click the button below.


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OIARG is focused on educating drivers by providing quality resources including informational videos and car care tips. For more information on the resources, OIARG provides click the link below.

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